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Salute the Ribbon is a community-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve by educating and raising public awareness about chronic diseases and their risk factors, as well as, providing patient advocacy to assist in breaking down barriers that prevent access to medical care.



Our programs offers ongoing educational, preventative services and financial support to diverse communities, ethnic groups, under-insured and those that are under-served.


Check out our CEO interview with a Breast Cancer Survivor!!

We have adopted the philosophy "We will offer the highest professional support services to all individuals efficiently, effectively and compassionately."



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I don't know what we would have done without the help of Salute the Ribbon and this amazingly hard working women (Rena Day)!!! You see, my fiancé had throat cancer and had the maximum doses of radiation a human being can handle. The treatment killed and infected all of his teeth. Upon a dental visit, we were told that all teeth must be removed or the infection would kill Gino. For 8 months we have battled with Medicaid and Medicare to help Gino to no avail. This organization SALUTE THE RIBBON, and this amazingly diligent woman ( Rena Day ) did in 2 days, what myself and Gino couldn't do in 8 months. He now will get the help he and all people deserve... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Rena!!! You are a god sent. Keep up the grand work!!! You are a blessing and a soldier. YOU ARE OUR VOICE WHEN WE WERE SILENCED!!! Bless your work.

" Thank you for visiting Salute the Ribbon" 

 "This journey has given me an opportunity to meet diverse people and develop relationships on personal levels. I will create a personable experience with each person that seeks assistance. It is my hope that through this journey people with cancer will restore faith, courage and strength. Please remember you are not alone in this fight!! Fighters never QUIT they WIN."

Love always, Rena

Salute the Ribbon was founded by Rena Day after she had seen an enormous amount of patients with cancer who simply could not afford to pay for their treatments.



Check out our CEO "go live" with facebook fans about the Healthcare crisis in Miami-Dade County.

STR understands that many Americans will have access to health insurance whether private, state or federal.  However, some Americans will remain under-insured and be faced with the challenges of living without the proper medical care. Our hope in action is to implement innovative programs to improve access to cancer care and preventative services in a timely manner. 

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In issuing each favorable opinion, OIG reiterated its position that industry stakeholders can contribute effectively to the health care safety net for financially needy patients, including federal and state health care program beneficiaries, by donating to independent, bona fide, charitable assistance programs. Read More Click here 

Our CEO Rena, she shaved her head in the honor of Mother's who survived the WAR against CANCER at our Pre-Mother's Day Brunch on April 30, 2016.

Gino Morgan Marino Port Richey, Florida

Our Mission


Nowadays, most of us don’t have to worry about courage. Every day we deal with obstacles with the ability to manage, but living with cancer is an act of courage which motivates you to fight and go on. You will gain strength, hope, and confidence while fighting the war against cancer. 

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For over a decade our CEO Rena Day has devoted her energy to passionately advocate for cancer patients. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.