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"Is to one day see a world where no one has to choose to pay rent, buy food or live their lives without the proper medical care due to an inability to pay for health care services.

"Our goal is to push through the barriers that hinders access to medical care." Rena Day President & Founder

Rena Day

About Salute the Ribbon Foundation

Salute the Ribbon Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to help break down existing barriers to improve equal access to cancer care, emphasizing on public outreach, education and advocacy, as well as, providing financial assistance to vital medical services for screening and follow-up care.

Did you know?  The Office of Health & Human Services (Inspector General) issued Salute the Ribbon an advisory opinion in 2015 to operate as an Independent Patient Assistant Program that provides co-pay and cost sharing financial relief to individuals with different types of cancers.  

Salute the Ribbon was founded in 2014 by Rena Day after a decade of struggling to find programs with a seamless process in place for uninsured and underinsured individuals who desperately needed medical services in a timely manner. She chose the name Salute the Ribbon because it reminded her of soldiers fighting in the war. Salute means respect and Ribbon represent the various types of cancer associated with a specific ribbon color. Rena "Salutes" the people who are fighting, who have fallen and those who have fought for their lives to win the war against cancer. Rena is committed to educating men, women, and children about cancer care which will empower them to be their own advocate. She is also dedicated to closing the gap in cancer care by increasing equal access to preventative services and affordable treatments in a timely manner.