Our Vision

"Is to one day see a world where no one has to choose to pay rent, buy food or live their lives without the proper medical care due to an inability to pay for health care services"

About Salute the Ribbon 

Did you know according to the American Cancer Society, Cancer Prevention and Early Detection 2015 Facts & Figures indicates that the following groups are not getting screened for breast cancer.

Insured -  30% are not getting screened
Uninsured - 62% are not getting screened
College Graduate - 25% are not getting screened
Less than 12 years of education - 47% are not getting screened


Salute the Ribbon is a nonprofit organization committed to help break down existing barriers to improve equal access to cancer care, emphasizing on public outreach, education and advocacy, as well as, providing financial assistance to vital medical services for screening and follow-up care.